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A "war" on Christmas? Humbug!

Most say there is no "war" on Christmas.
Most say there is no "war" on Christmas.
President-elect Donald Trump believes he has freed us to say merry Christmas once again. 

     This is the way he put it during a recent victory rally in Michigan: 
    “And merry Christmas, everybody! Merry Christmas. Right? Merry Christmas. …They reminded me. We’re going to start saying merry Christmas again. How about all those department stores? They have the bells and they have the red walls and they have the snow but they don’t have merry Christmas. I think they’re going to start putting up merry Christmas. Merry Christmas.”
    Some department stores do use the word Christmas. Others tend to avoid it in the interest of broadening sales. (Or, more to the point, extending the profits on a sales season that runs from the week before Thanksgiving until after New Year's.)
     In a recently released survey, the firm Public Policy Polling found that 34 percent of Americans believe there is a “war” on Christmas and 51 percent do not. That’s actually down from three years ago, according to the firm, when 41 percent said there was a war on Christmas and 47 percent said there was not.
    The firm also asked about the terms “Merry Christmas” and “Happy Holidays.” Only 5 percent of those who voted for Hillary Clinton, the Democratic challenger, said they were offended by the phrase Merry Christmas. But 19 percent of Trump voters were offended by Happy Holidays. (See the news release here.)
    So over your next cup of eggnog, give it some thought. Have you ever hesitated to say merry Christmas? Do you use merry Christmas all the time or only when you are sure that the person celebrates Christmas? And is there a war on Christmas? Follow the link to our Facebook page and tell us what you think.


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