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FAA selects sites for drone testing
Wondering when your first package will arrive via drone delivery? Not so fast. It may take a while. The Federal Aviation Administration announced Dec. 30 that six sites across the country will test drone airspace use and safety.
     In selecting the six test-site operators, the FAA considered geography, climate, building locations, research needs, airspace use, safety, aviation experience and risk. A brief description of the test-site operators and the research they will conduct into future drone use are below:

     Across the six applicants, the FAA is confident that it will meet its research goals:

     Each operator will manage the test site in a way that gives access to parties interested in using the site. The FAA’s role is to ensure each operator sets up a safe testing environment and to provide oversight that guarantees each site operates under strict safety standards.
    Among other requirements, test-site operators must comply with federal, state and other laws protecting an individual’s right to privacy, have publicly available privacy policies and a written plan for data use and retention, and conduct an annual review of privacy practices that allows for public comment. 
    Under the current law, test-site operations will continue until at least Feb. 13, 2017.


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